Seven Cities Short Film Showcase 2020

This years program will be made available on this page December 18th through December 20th @8:00pm. Please be sure to watch all the films and vote on your favorites using the link below. Then, join us December 20th @8:00pm for our Awards Ceremony Livestream!


“Yellow Ribbons”

Directed by Caleb Gritsko

Cassie struggles against a vivid world of distorted memories to silence her inner demons and save her father.

“Cyber Bully – Miserable” (Music Video)

Directed by Mark Ramirez

A husband and wife’s quiet night at home is interrupted when they notice a mysterious red light outside, only to realize they are being stalked by a deadly presence.

“Beneath the Surface”

Directed by John Leviege

Their love. Her struggles. His words

“Times Shadow”

Directed by Trevor Chase

At the end of time, a couple getting married looks back on their life together and the hardships they faced.

“The Bench”

Directed by Savannah Heller

In this modern day silent film, a young woman goes for a jog at 7a.m., but on the one day she falls out of her routine, she is met with a life-altering fate. Her newfound friend may have the key to prevent everything from happening, but can it actually be done?


Directed by Meredith DiPaolo Stephens

A Customer Service Rep, Sidney Lichtenstein, is unhappy in his miserable job and isolated life. After talking back to a client, and going off script for once, he is faced with a choice that will change his life

“Netfins & Chill”

Directed By Joe Carabeo

Two young DC lobbyist have a fishy secret they have to keep during date night.


Directed by Tom White

A bar patron has a chance at easy money when a stranger approaches him with a proposition.

Part of the Bad Things, Good People anthology

“Dear Andrew, To Be Imperfect”

Directed by Andrew Huang

An experimental video letter to Andrew Huang, expressing self-reflections of his past and reminding him the importance of self-compassion.

“Burning Ladder”

Directed by Justin Herrera

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.”

Partly inspired by Aristotle’s quote, Burning Ladder portrays the fight between blind innocence and merciless corruption all through the eyes of its main character, Leo.

The student film, ‘Burning Ladder’, was a team effort that deeply involved the creativity and hard work from the ODU Film Club. More importantly, the film was made by lovers and students of film.


Directed by Catherine Bobalek

A young couple are reunited. When one partner brings up an uncomfortable topic, the other confesses she isn’t attracted to him. This leads to a clash where he attempts to explain how he experiences attraction as best he can – with a dancing cupcake.


Directed by Mike Fitzgerald

A man’s darkest moment is interrupted


Directed by Vincent Williams

A curious boy ventures toward a bright light illuminating from the trees. What will he discover?


Directed by Deborah Shearer

After moving from California to Virginia because of a military relocation, a young boy named Casey must once again adapt to middle school life in unfamiliar territory but along the way find comfort in a unexpected friend.


Directed by Tiffany Joy Taylor

An amateur boxer must overcome her family’s discouragement to seek a career in pro boxing.

“The Operatives”

Directed by Bobby Huotari

Two operatives attempt to apprehend and neutralize their target.

“The Collector’s Chest”

Directed by Corbin Rowell

A supernatural, suspenseful horror short film made for the 2019 Richmond 48 Hour Horror Film Project. 


Directed by Chris Conner

This film was created by the ODU Film Club and funded in part by the Seven Cities Short Film Showcase Filmmaker Grant.

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